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Mental Health Support Training for Military Leaders
Weekly Tasks



Task 1

Behavior Tracking Activity Part 1

Learn how to apply what you have learned in RESULT training to set actionable goals.

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Task 2

Supportive Behavior Overview 

Understand the aspects of supportive behavior. 

Week 2


Task 1

Program Podcast 

Listen to Dr. Hammer and Dr. Dimoff as they discuss mental health, resilience, and unit cohesion.

00:00 / 13:11
Leslie Hammer, Ph.D.

Dr. Leslie Hammer

Jennifer Dimoff, Ph.D.

Dr. Jennifer Dimoff

Task 2

Emotional Support Video

Watch to learn the nuances of providing the right emotional support at the right time.


Week 3

Task 1

Mindfulness Exercise

Choose either of the two exercises or both. 

Exercise 1: Watch the TedTalk and learn the neuroscience behind mindfulness and its application to the armed services.

Exercise 2: Listen to the guided meditation and experience the benefits firsthand. Be sure to check out the other guided meditations at InsightTimer.

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Task 2

Psychological Readiness Podcast 

Hear Captain Elizabeth Johnson and Company First Sergeant Joshua Salyer discuss the importance of being psychologically ready for better team cohesion.

00:00 / 11:10


Week 4

Task 1

Stigma Reduction Podcast

Listen to Thomas Britt, Professor of Psychology at Clemson University and former Research Psychologist at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. He is co-editor of Psychology of the Peacekeeper: Lessons from the Field.

00:00 / 13:04
Thomas Britt

Thomas Britt

Task 2

Malingering Podcast

Listen to Thomas Britt as he discusses malingering

00:00 / 08:16


Week 5

Task 1

Instrumental Support

Video and Infographic

Being prepared to provide resources, facilitate connections, advocate for subordinates, and educate Soldiers helps build readiness and resilience.

Task 2

RESULT Resource Book

Use this booklet as a handy guide to the resources you have at your disposal to assist in supporting your Soldiers.


Week 6

Task 1

Behavior Tracking Activity Pt 2

Behavior tracking is a vital component of the program. Take the time to review what you have learned.

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Task 2

Supportive Behavior Overview

Review this handy guide to better apply what you

have learned.

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