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in the face of ongoing uncertainty, helps promote motivation, creativity, and productivity

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Pandemic Support Training teaches leaders how to best support employees during the Covid-19 pandemic. This training is also a useful, just-in-time manager training in response to any pandemic or situation needing manager response in real time

The 15-minute online training for leaders and supervisors provides an overview of behaviors necessary to support employees' work-life balance, mitigate work overload and burnout, and maintain emotional and physical well-being. 


"...with an increased prevalence of mental health issues experienced by workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, supervisors and managers have been called upon to recognize when their employees may need additional psychological help..."

-From Lead with Empathy During the COVID-19 Crisis  published by Government Executive

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Image by Daniel Fazio


If you'd like more information or have questions, be sure to reach out. We'd love to help.

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