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The following tools and templates are designed to accompany our supervisor training programs.


These resources will help you facilitate more effective team meetings, conduct internal evaluations of your leaders/managers, and provide quick reference for supportive leadership behaviors. 

Tools: Programs
Work Meeting

Hand out at staff meetings, hang in your break room, include in your orientation materials... A useful tool for anyone in a leadership position!

Work-family balance and sleep health are interconnected and vital to the overall well-being of your employees. This reference guide provides a clear list of supportive behaviors that supervisors and managers can practice to create a work environment that contributes to healthy sleep. This guide is appropriate for all industries with a particular focus on shift work. 

White Bedroom

Help your employees get the sleep they need by setting realistic goals and adopting healthy sleep behaviors

Using a smart watch, activity tracker, or simple notebook, your employees can identify areas for improvement in their own sleep and then use these documents to set goals and adopt healthy sleep behaviors. Developed through the evidence based MESH Study, these reference materials cover general behaviors for healthy sleep as well as sleep concerns under challenging conditions.

Goals and Behaviors

for Healthy Sleep

Sleep under Challenging Conditions

Asset 1_4x.png
Team Meeting

A valuable tool for anyone in a leadership role, from experienced supervisors to new hires. 

This reference sheet provides an itemized list of supportive behaviors across two domains: Work-Family & Work-Life Support and Safety Support. This sheet is the perfect orientation tool for those recently promoted to a supervisor/management position, or for anyone who needs a quick reminder of ways to best support their staff.


Reduce burden on your staff by setting clear guidelines for emailing: who, what, when.

Fighting to maintain a clean inbox and managing information overload are common sources of frustration and overwork. Use this tool to establish team email guidelines - with buy-in from your workgroup, department, and/or entire organization - to help you and your staff manage email more effectively.

Virtual Team Meeting

Optimize work hours and team morale by conducting effective, efficient meetings

Inefficient meetings with unclear goals can feel like major time-wasters for everyone involved.  This one-page guideline will help you establish best practices for planning, conducting, and following up on team meetings. In it, you will find actionable bullets to steer your team on the right track.


Collaborate with your team to improve productivity, work-life balance, and job satisfaction using this evidence-based tool!

The TEP Guide contains guidance and templates to help managers/supervisors solicit feedback from employees. The goal of TEP is to collaboratively design more efficient work practices, greater work-life balance, and reduced risk of burnout.  The guide contains multiple templates to use with your team during TEP meetings.

Asset 1_3x.png
Soldier and Commander

Perfect for any industry where employee readiness and resilience are required. This program was developed specifically for the U.S. Army with additional target audiences coming soon.  

Current military resilience training is focused on individual Soldier improvement, but does not necessarily train leaders how to support resilience among their subordinates. Based on the evidence-based RESULT training program, this reference guide outlines resilience supportive and resilience responsive behaviors that leaders can employ to support the health and well-being of Soldiers and respond to potential warning signs.

Service Members talking in the field

Remind leaders of ways they can provide tangible support to their Soldiers with this at-a-glance guide.

Instrumental support, one of the four family supportive supervisor behaviors (FSSBs), refers to helping employees in a tangible way. This brief guide outlines specific, actionable ways that Platoon Leaders can support and assist their Soldiers. This document is part of the Resilience Support Training follow up activities.

Smiling Businessman

Understand and support the unique strengths that Veterans and National Guard/Reserve Component personnel bring to the workplace. 

Veterans who have reintegrated into the civilian workforce face specific challenges that are often ignored in leadership trainings. Based on the evidence-based VSST training program, this reference guide outlines supportive behaviors worksite leaders can employ to bolster Veteran employees' work-life balance, mental health, and job performance. 


Help your employees in the National Guard and Reserves stay connected and reintegrate during required leave.

Employees who are also military personnel in the Reserve or National Guard will at times need to take leave for military training, mobilization, or deployment. This guide offers recommendations and guidelines for supporting employees well-being and work reintegration before, during, and after taking military leave.

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