The following free and low cost training programs are designed to improve leadership support for employees' health and well-being through enhanced emotional and instrumental support, creative work-life management, and team effectiveness processes across industries based on the original work by Dr. Leslie Hammer and Dr. Ellen Kossek on Family Supportive Supervisor Behaviors (FSSB).


Each program includes online training with downloadable tools, templates and other resources that can be implemented directly within your organization today! 

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Pandemic Support Training

Leadership Support during COVID-19

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, this brief training program was created to teach leaders how to best support their workforce. Pandemic Response Training is approximately 15 minutes. It provides an overview of behaviors necessary to support employees' work-life balance, mitigate work overload and burnout, and maintain emotional and physical well-being.

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Safety & Health Improvement Program

The Safety & Health Improvement Program (SHIP) is an evidence-based training program designed to help organizations promote employee health, safety, and work-life balance by increasing supervisor support and team effectiveness. SHIP is a 1-hour online course with accompanying downloadable templates, guides, and materials. This training is targeted to managers and supervisors, and focuses on improving leaders' work-life and safety support behaviors.

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Increasing support and retention of Veterans in the workplace

The goal of Veteran Support Training is to enhance supervisor support for all staff, and to increase support and retention of veteran employees in the civilian workforce. This 1- 2 hour, online training was developed through the Study for Employment Retention of Veterans (SERVe) and is suitable for all levels of leadership. The supportive behaviors outlined in this training apply to all employees with added emphasis the inherent strengths that employees with military experience possess, and the unique challenges that Veterans and service members face when transitioning to the civilian sector.

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Family and sleep supportive training for leaders in the armed forces

Sleep Support Training for Military Leaders consists of a 1-hour online training program focusing on family supportive behaviors and sleep leadership strategies. The program also includes information for all service members about healthy sleep behaviors, understanding sleep tracking, and setting attainable goals to improve sleep health. This training was developed through the Oregon Military Employee Sleep & Health (MESH) Study and is applicable to all branches of the armed forces and all levels of leadership.

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Sleep Support Logo

Promoting employee well-being through effective leadership

Sleep Support Training is the same training program developed through the Oregon MESH Study and tested within the Oregon National Guard, redesigned for the civilian sector. This program consists of a 1-hour online training program for leadership focusing on family supportive behaviors and sleep leadership strategies, and information for all employees about healthy sleep behaviors, understanding sleep tracking, and setting attainable goals to improve sleep health. 


Helping leaders enhance the readiness and resilience of their Soldiers.

Resilience Support Training is a multimodal training program developed through the Readiness Supportive Leadership Training (RESULT) Study and evaluated with a U.S. Army population. This course aims to train Platoon Leadership Teams in supportive mentorship, leading to improved readiness, resilience, health and well-being of subordinates, as well as enhancing a positive culture of trust within units. The training consists of a 1 hour online training course followed by 12 short follow-up activities designed to delve deeper into specific training concepts.


Resilience Support Training for all branches of the military and Resilience Support Training for the civilian sector will be available in 2022. 

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The foundation of supportive leadership


Essential Support Core Training is a foundational course in Family and Performance Supportive Supervisor Behaviors. This training course is designed for all levels of managers and supervisors as well as individuals interested in enhancing their leadership skills